Mimer Train Antenna

Article number: 3390
The Mimer Train Antenna is a purpose-built unit for communication between train and track, mounted underneath the train.

Data communication

In many subways and light rail trains, systems with inductive communication from the vehicle to the ground are used to keep track of where each train is.

At LSE we have developed an antenna unit to be mounted under the train, to be used in such systems where it works together with a loop antenna placed between the rails of the tracks.

These train antennas are designed to work in the rough train environments and are highly resistant to heat, cold, moisture and vibration.

Antenna unit underneth a subway train

Antenna unit under a train

The antenna

Mimer Train Antenna

Data of the antenna

  • Center frequency: 56kHz
  • Dimensions: 316x130x120mm
  • Weight: 7,3Kg
  • Connection: Fixed cable RG22B/U

Custom Design

The antenna can be tailor-made to fit with the needed installation’s and can be adapted for the particular frequency band of the system.

Different mounting kits can be developed to fit the antenna according to the needs of a particular train type.


A brochure is available for download
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