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Bridging Vokkero to Two way radio

With the Vokkero systems a cordless full duplex conversation is possible between many users. 
Sometimes this conversation also needs to be cross connected to other media, for example to a two way radio solution. Mimer X-Link will do that for you.
Also see the page about using SoftRadio with Vokkero.

Making a patch with Mimer X-Link

The talk group used in the Vokkero system becomes a closed environment where users of other radio technologies are not allowed. This can be helped by building a bridge between technologies using the X-Link interface.

Mimer X-Link connects any two radios, also a fixed Vokkero unit, together. Building a permanent patch between the systems.

The patch is setup using the Vokkero “WI” 4-Wire unit, that acts as part of the Vokkero talkgroup. This is connected to the X-Link interface and this is then connected to a two way radio.

Bridging a DMR talkgroup over to a Vokkero talkgroup

All audio in the Vokkero group will be retransmitted over the two way radio. When a radio user transmits this will be received by the fixed two way radio and transmitted in the Vokkero group.

The X-Link uses “Vox”-control to sence audio in the Vokkero group and then activate PTT on the two way radio.

Depending on type of two way radio the X-link uses different technologies to sence activity and open the audio path to the Vokkero group.

Alternative solution in full duplex

Using the SoftLine solution instead of X-Link gives you full duplex through the patch. So if the two way radio is a base station or repeater it can transmit and receive at the same time. With SoftLine you can also place the two radios units at different sites. Read more on this page. 

Alternative solution using SoftRadio

You can also connect the Vokkero 4-Wire unit to a standard SoftRadio network interface and connect it into your Mimer SoftRadio system. This opens up for PC operator positions, other patches between radios and phones, and for recording of calls. Read more on this page.

X-Link Interface box

X-Link Interface

X-Link Interface connecting a Hytera radio and aVokkero “WI” 4-wire interface

All details about the X-Link can be found on this page.

Please also see our solutions with Mimer SoftRadio and Mimer SoftLine for Vokkero.

Examples of use:

  • When two way radio users needs to come into contact with Vokkero talkgroups.
  • When some users are far away from the Vokkero coverage, they can still be connected.

Typical users:

  • Old and new systems at an industry needs to work together.
  • Guards sometimes needs to listen in on what is going on in a Vokkero conference.
  • Fire fighters come to a scene where Vokkero is used. They can be connected and talk to all users or just listen to the conversation.

Supported radios:

  • Vokkero “WI”
    4-Wire interface
Vokker 1

System examples:

Hytera DMR talk group cross connected to a Vokkero talkgroup using the X-Link.

Sepura Tetra talk group cross connected to a Vokkero ATEX talkgroup using the X-Link.

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