Documentation for download

On the download pages you will find both brochures, presentations and technical specifications as well as setup instructions.

Please browse through the download pages to find the information you need. You can use the links below or the menu above.

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Visit these download pages:

All information about SoftRadio and its options and accessories.
Everything you need to build your system

Here you will find all you need to install and setup SoftRadio and SoftLine with their options.
Here are also the user guides and technical details and EMC documents.

  • Sirius Remote Panel
  • Mimer X-Link
  • Mimer SoftLine
  • Mimer Vehicle Panel

Here are all information about how to connect your radio type to the Network Interface.
The information is sorted by the article number of the cable kit.
You will find both drawings and specific setup instructions for each radio type.

Mimer SoftRadio with four different Icom radios connected

SoftRadio with four radios

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