Dispatcher PC:s

Dispatcher PC´s

Any Windows PC can be used as an operator console.
You can use your standard office PC or a dedicated touch screen PC. The PC together with the right audio accessories gives you full control of your radios and more.
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The operator PC´s can look very different

From standard office PC:s to dedicated standalone touch screen computers.

The most common is to use your standard PC or LapTop that you use for other office duties. But in some cases a separate unit is better, for example in:

– Safety systems
– Industry control rooms
– Outdoors
– On board ships
– In Command and Control Vehicles or other vehicles
– Etc

Purpose built

We can also build special PC´s and/or touch screens for special purposes, for example when you need something that is waterproof.

Mimer Kiosk Mode

We have a special option to SoftRadio that sets the PC into “kiosk mode”. This means that the operator can only access the SoftRadio user GUI. Only the administrator can get to the standard Windows functionality and settings. This avoids many mistakes that may be done by unqualified personnel.

More reading is found here.

A brochure is available on the download page

Standard PC´s

Mimer SoftRadio will run on any standard PC with
Windows 10 (it will likely also work on Win7 And Win8, but all functions are no longer tested). It will also work in parallel with all your other Windows software that you have for office work etc. on the same PC.

The PC itself shall have at least 4GB RAM and 64GB Harddrive and a CPU of 2GHz. But it will be hard to find less these days.

And of course you need a LAN port and an audio card with audio accessories.

User at BIAL Airport in India

Operator PC at an airport running SoftRadio on the
same standard PC as many other systems.

Operator at a chemical plant

Operator at a chemical plant using the
small touch screen described to the right.

Small Touch Screen PC´s

Small HP computer with 10" touch screen and Table top microphone

10″ Touch screen together with a compact PC
from HP and our desk top microphone

A compact combination perfect for control rooms were you need a separate PC for Mimer SoftRadio.

In the picture above we have used:
– HP Prodesk PC, very compact
– Mimo 10″ touch screen with built in speakers
– Mimer Heavy duty microphone

In the picture below we have used:
– Gigabyte Brix PC, very compact
– ELO 7,5″ touch screen with USB connection to PC
– Standard PC speakers
– Mimer Heavy duty microphone

Both screens are available in many sizes.
Vesa standard mounting on the back of the screen.

Small PC with small touch screen and Table top microphone

7,5″ Touch screen together with a compact PC

The most used standalone PC is the Tipro BeFree10

10,4" All in one touch screen PC

Tipro builds this very nice “all in one” unit with built in goose neck microphone, speakers and large PTT button.

It holds a powerful fanless PC and an easy to use touch screen.

Combined with the option “Custom Functions Panel” you can easily switch from the built in speaker and microphone to using either a handset or a headset for the audio.

All in all making it a perfect operator terminal for SoftRadio applications.

In the package....

When buying Tipro´s and other dispatcher PC´s from us you will get them “ready to go”.  We set them up with Windows 10 and all the latest upgrades. We install all software needed to use the built in audio and keys.

Then we install the version of SoftRadio that you have ordered plus the options ordered. If we have the IP addresses and ID´s to the network interfaces, we set that up too. And then we test run everything so that it will be as ready as possible “out of the box”.

Tipro BeFree10 with SoftRadio
Angle mechanism to the BeFree PC´s

There is an angle mechanism available to tilt it upwards if needed.

The standard Vesa mounting on the back makes it also possible to fasten to wall mount arms and such.

BeFree10 showing handset mounting

All types can be ordered with a handset unit mounted on either the left or the right side, and also with a standalone handset or headset.

BeFree10 Explained

There are also three alternative versions

Tipro BeFree07
BeFree20 with Mimer SoftRadio
Tipro BeFree22
Tipro BeFree07

Same size console as the BeFree10, but with a 7″ screen and built in handset. Also includes six function keys.
For use with a small number of radios.

Tipro BeFree20

A larger version with 15″ screen.
Good if you have many radios connected.

Tipro BeFree22

A larger version with 15,6″ screen.
Includes a row of function keys that can be used for PTT and other functions.
Good if you have many radios connected.

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