X-Link PoC Connection

PoC Communication using X-Link

PoC, “Push To Talk over Cellular”, aka “Broadband PTT” is becoming more and more popular. Using WiFi and the 4G networks for transmissions instead of dedicated two way radio networks has its advantages.
Being able to use your smartphone as a “PTT radio” is of course practical, as well as using a dedicated device looking more like a radio unit although it is a 4G device.
Also see the page about using SoftRadio with PoC.
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Bridging radio systems to PoC systems

Most smart phones can be equipped with an application that gives talk group communication using the 4G/LTE network as the carrier. There are also dedicated “PoC-radio” terminals that looks like a portable or mobile radio but are infact a PoC terminal.

For those who need to combine this cellular talkgroup with their existing two way radio system, we have the solutions. You can bridge your radio system to your PoC/WiFi system through the use of Mimer X-Link.

X-Link connects any two radios, or PoC units together, building a permanent patch between the systems.

To setup the patch you need a fixed unit that works in each of the two nets that you would like to bridge. As long as there are connections for audio in/out and PTT on the device, the X-Link can work with it.

X-Link PoC to Tetra

Bridging a PoC talk group over to a Tetra talk group

Alternative solution using SoftRadio

You can also connect a fixed PoC device to a standard SoftRadio network interface and connect it into your Mimer SoftRadio system or directly to the server at the PoC provider GroupTalk. Read more on this page.

Mimer X-Link MK2

X-Link MK2 Interface

All details about the X-Link can be found on this page.

Examples of use:

  • When some users can´t carry a two way radio but have a smart phone.
  • When radio users and phone users shall be able to talk in the same talk group.
  • When a dispatcher goes away from his desk, he can still be active through his phone.
  • When some users are far away from the radio coverage, they can still be connected.

Typical users:

  • You are migrating your system from radio to PoC and the users with different terminals need to talk together in the same group.
  • Airplane pilots when standing with the plane at the gate, so that they can be part of the radio conversation going on around the airplane.
  • Harbour personel that needs to listen in on what is going on, on the marine radio channels in the harbour.
  • Security companies that have only a few guards in an area and it is too expensive to set up a separate radio base station.
  • Transport companies that sometimes have rides that take them outside the normal radio coverage.

Tested PoC units:

  • Kirisun M50
  • Icom IP501H / IP503H / IP100H
  • Motorola TLK100/TLK150
  • Estalky GT61
  • Telox M6

Any PoC device with connections for audio in/out and PTT will work. It is better to use a fixed device instead of a portable device.

Kirisun M50 PoC / WiFi terminal
Motorola TLK150
Icom IP501H
Motorola TLK100

System examples:

X-Link PoC to Tetra

Sepura Tetra talk group cross connected to a Kirisun PoC group using the X-Link.

X-Link Tetra to Wave

Motorola Tetra talk group cross connected to a Motorola Wave PoC group using the X-Link.

X-Link Idas to PoC

IDAS group cross connected to a PoC/WiFi talk group using Icom devices.

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