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Integrity and Security

Welcome to our site regarding integrity and security!
Here you will find a summary of all the information which is important for you to know regarding integrity, security and GDPR here at LS Elektronik AB.

We care about your integrity and security. GDPR, the new 2018 legislation regarding the processing of personal data, imposes more stringent requirements on transparency, which is why it is important that this information is available to you, to ensure that you know what we do in relation to the processing of personal data.

There are a number of areas which together provide you with an overall understanding of how we view integrity and security, both in relation to our services and for you as a user and customer. We have divided these key areas into a number of sections below, and the information provided may be updated and supplemented as needs be in the future.

Collection of data?

We collect information about you in different ways, for example when:

  • You ask for an answer from us
  • You ask for a system solution and/or quote
  • You place an order with us
  • You register as a customer or for information

We will also collect information about you if you fill in one of our forms or participate in for example a training.
For your integrity’s sake we always minimise the amount of data saved to the basics we need to fulfil our commitment to you as a customer.
All information is always related to your professional role.

The saved personal data is mainly the following:

  • Your name
  • Title
  • Phone number to work and cell phone
  • Email address to work
  • Visiting and billing address to work
  • Company name
  • VAT number

Sometimes we also need to gather credential information through one of our partners in that field.

How do we make use of the information?

We save the information in order to be able to:

  • Handle orders
  • Send system solutions and quotes
  • Make deals
  • Keep you updated on ongoing service jobs
  • Keep you informed on updates regarding the products and applications you buy from us
  • Invite you to trainings and seminars

If you allow – we will also use the collected data to give you information that we believe will be interesting for you, For example:

  • New product releases
  • Campaigns on certain products
  • Invitations to events

You can always decide yourself to not get any more information sent from us or to be fully taken out of our system.

How do we store your information and for how long?

All data that we store electronically is guarded by our company computer network security and also by the cloud services that we use. The storage always follows our strict policies regardless of where it is stored.

The data is stored for as long as you are our customer and for the time after that is needed by laws regarding for example book keeping.

Do we share our data with anyone?

Normally we will never share the data about you or your company with anyone without your prior consent. The only exception from this could be:

  • If we need to do a credit check on your company
  • If it could be beneficial to get better prices for you from one of our suppliers

This is never an automatic transfer of data.

End your subscription

In all electronic communication with you outside specific projects, orders and service you can always end your subscription by following the links in the messages.

Get a copy of what we have saved about you

You can at any point ask us for a copy of what we have saved about you. If you no longer wish to be in our data base you can always ask us to erase all information that is legally possible to erase.

You can at any point ask us to change or update the stored information.

For all changes and erasing of information we will need that you identify yourself in a safe way, so that there are no new errors.

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