Mimer GuardLink

Mimer GuardLink is a system to monitor and interact with other people and equipment by connecting through an IP-link.

It can be used local or remote, or as in the first user case, all installed inside a vehicle.

Future use will be a variety of guard dutys, not restricted to prisons or vehicles.

GuardLink Logo

Mimer GuardLink is based on the standard system, Mimer SoftRadio, with the addition of video feeds. It uses the same type of network interfaces to handle audio and I/O´s in both directions. Also the operator GUI is an adaption of the standard used in SoftRadio. This gives you a very stable platform that has been used in thousands of installations around the world for 20 years.

First application

The first version has the following features to monitor two prisoners being transported in separate cells in a vehicle.

  • Two separate video feeds
    – One from each cell
  • Audio to/from the cell
    – Permanent active microphone in the cell that the operator can select to monitor
    – PTT microphone to talk to the cell
  • Alarm key
    – The prisoner can push a key to gain the operators attention
  • “Disturbing” audio feed
    – Noise or music can be played in the cells to disturb the two prisoners from talking to each other
  • Safety belt check
    – Indication light that the prisoner is safely seated
  • Light control
    – Roof light in the cell can be turned on/off from the operator
  • Selection of headset or speaker/microphone for the operator

The system can easily be adopted for other types of use where you need to see who you are talking to and at the same time use an I/O to, for example, open a gate.

Operator position

Operator inside the vehicle

The GuardLink system has been brought forward together with the Swedish Prison and Probation Service (Kriminalvården).

Functions on the screen of the first application

GuardLink OP Screen

Possible other use cases

The first version was made for two prison cells in a transport vehicle with the operator inside the vehicle. This can easily be expanded to more cells both in vehicles, ships and other places.

The same application can be used for industry gates, where a guard needs to talk to a person, check the camera and then open a gate.

With Mimer GuardLink all functions are in the same operator window, no need for a number of different applications.

Possible other functions

  • Remote control using any form of IP connection
  • More video feeds
  • More operators
  • Combination with SoftRadio to also remote control radios
  • More I/O´s to use for gates etc.

Installation pictures

Operator panel

Panel in the vehicle, with controls and video feed from the cells

Hardware installation

Installation of the technique

Vehicle prison cell

One of the cells in the vehicle


A brochure will be available soon.
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