Radio Installations

Installation of the Network Interfaces
and the Radios

We offer installation brackets, rack shelves and rack boxes, as well as pre installed systems.
Here are some examples. Please ask if you have special needs.
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Front mounting

The large Network Interface (silver box) has two threaded holes (M4) on the front panel.

These can be used for mounting the box on a panel surface.

Mimer Network Interface

A drawing of the box can be found on the technical download page.

Please note that the small black interface box does not have the threaded holes. If you need to install the Network Interface LE by the help of the holes, there is an option to order also the LE interface in the larger box.

Mounting Bracket

For installation of the interfaces on a flat surface there are two sizes of mounting brackets.

Bracket for the:
– large interface (silver) Article: 3106
– small interface (black) Article: 3106/02

Interface mounting bracketss

Mounting brackets, small and  large

Rack Installation - Open Rack Shelf

We deliver ready made rack shelves and rack boxes with the Network Interface, cable kit, a power supply and fuses. In some cases we also deliver the radio, in some cases the radio is added later by the dealer/customer.

Rack shelf with Sepura installation

Rack shelf installation with Sepura Tetra radio

Rack shelf with marine radio installation

Rack shelf installation with Icom M423 marine radio

Rack shelf

The 3U open rack shelf that is normally used.

There are more information about the rack shelf and the closed rack unit on the technical download page.

Rack Installation - Closed Rack Unit

Installation in a closed rack unit
Installation in a closed rack unit with radio front panel visible

Rack box installation seen from front, standard with radio inside and blank front, and the alternative version with the radio front flush mount in the panel.

Rack box installation seen from top

Rack box installation seen from top,
with the lid off


The 3U rack box that is normally used.

Wall Mounting

Example of wall mount box installation
Motorola GM380, NetworkInterface and power supply in a wall mount box 500x600x300mm.

Wall Cabinet with door open
Wall Cabinet with door closed

Example of wall mounting

Rack Cabinets

Example of rack cabinet installation
Open rack shelf with a marine radio, cabinet with glass door.
The cabinet holds three shelves with radios. Router and fibre converter at the bottom. Antenna connectors on top.

Rack shelf with radio and interface inside a cabinet

Marine radio mounted on a shelf and
placed inside a small floor cabinet

Special installations

On customer demand, we can build large rack cabinets with the radios, interfaces, power, IP etc.

They can be built in a standard rack cabinet like the one for the Copenhagen airport or they can be designed to fit inside a car, like the one for the command and control vehicle.

Please ask.

Large rack at CPH Airport

Cabinet at the Copenhagen Airport.

Cabinet with 10 rack units containing two Tetra terminals and two Network Interfaces each. At the top IP switches that run on 12VDC. At the bottom chargers and batteries for 12VDC that supplies power to the whole cabinet.

Radio rack in a Command and Control Vehicle

Equipment rack in the back of a Command and Control vehicle.

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