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Mimer SoftRadio - Working from home

SoftRadio lets you work with your radios “anywhere”.

Sometimes you need to work from another place than usual. It can be another office, a backup location or from home. This used to be a problem, if you are a radio operator, since the radio equipment would not move with you.

With SoftRadio you can “bring” your radio system with you to your prefered place. Work from home or another secure location.

Mimer SoftRadio

Coastal radio station

Coastal station remote controlled

In this small example the operator uses the radios front panel and microphone in the ordinary day time use.

When needed the same operator, or another operator, can take over the radio by using a PC with SoftRadio. This means that the operator can leave his place by the physical radio, and maybe work from home or another secure place.

It also means that the operator can let another centre take over the communications for example at night time. This larger centre may take over a number of radios from different operators in low traffic hours.

Dispatch centre

Taxi dispatch centre

In a dispatch centre for taxi, curriers, transport etc., normally a lot of operators are sitting close by each other in a room. There are many situations where it is prefered not to sit so close to each other.

Using SoftRadio one or more operators can work from another office or from home. All the radio traffic will be available also at the remote location, and the system can be setup so that all operators hear each others transmissions, so there are no mistakes.

Industry system

Industry control room

Also at an industry it might be needed to place the operators in different locations, or even at home.

With most systems this would be restricted to using a portable or table top radio, meaning that you would need to be in the radio systems coverage area and have limited functions.

Basing the system on SoftRadio makes it possible to place an operator “anywhere”. He will have the whole radio system “with him”.

Gravel distribution

Gravel distribution

A typical gravel distribution company have one local radio channel used at the gravel pit for communication with machines and portables. They also have one long distance channel for the tranport trucks.

Using SoftRadio means that you don´t need to be located in the coverage area of the two radio systems. You can sit “anywhere”! Even at home, and still communicate with both the machines and with the trucks.

Practical Options

Number pad for phone calls

Connection of phones, analogue or SIP, so that the operator can use the same headset for both radio and phone calls.
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SoftRadio with one device setup for Intercom

An intercom channel between the office operators and the remote (home) operators.
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