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Bridging with Mimer SoftLine

Mimer SoftLine gives you the ability to connect radios together although they are at different radio sites.
This is the most common use for Mimer SoftLine, to bridge radio systems together although they are geographically apart. The bridge can be between systems of the same type just as well as between different system types.
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Cross patch Radio systems with Mimer SoftLine

Sometimes it is needed to connect two radios together back-to-back in order to cross patch between different types of radio systems.

There are also systems that needs to patch two radios together that are placed at different radio sites. They can be of the same radio type and system or they can be of totally different types. To the right is an example of this. Using SoftLine to cross connect between a Tetra terminal and an Airband radio at different sites that are connected via IP.

All audio that comes in on one radio will be rebroadcasted on the other. Making a cross patch between Airband and Tetra and making a geographical jump from one radio site to another.

The radios can also be installed at the same site with just a TP patch cable between the two network interfaces.

Cross patching Tetra to Airband

Cross patching Tetra to Airband, making it possible for the Tetra user to listen to the airplanes, and also answer back if allowed.

Bridge radio systems with Mimer SoftLine

In the example to the right the two different radio systems on two different oil plattforms are connected together through a SoftLine cross patch connection.

Giving the personel on one platform the possibility to talk directly with the personel on the other platform. You just need to set up a fixed talk group at each end that works as the cross connection. The IP connection can be a customer WAN over fiber or micro wave link, or it can be the Internet.

We have a live example of linking two Airband radios together in order to get coverage when you are far from the airfield. Read more here.

Bridging two oil rig platforms

Bridging two oil rig platforms

Bridging in full duplex

In the examples to the right there are two repeater sites. They are bridged with SoftLine so that they work as one large repeater area.

The connection over the SoftLine can be setup in full duplex, so if you are using two radios or a base station at each end, audio and PTT can work in both directions at the same time.

Also when working with Vokkero systems, the connection can be full duplex. Read more here.

Bridging two repeater systems in full duplex
SoftLine cross patching in duplex

Bridging two repeater systems in full duplex

Video description

See our video describing the patching of a Kenwood digital radio and an Icom Airband radio through SoftLine. Link to video.

Alternative Cross Patches

Please also see our other cross patch products.
– Mimer SoftRadio with the option for cross patch activated.
Mimer X-Link, the dedicated interface for cross patch when the radios are at the same site.

There is a presentation of the different methods to build a cross patch available here.

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