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Everything, and more, that you are wondering about the Sirius Panel.
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Can any radio be connected to a Sirius Remote Panel?

We will build different versions.
At the moment it is Motorola DM4600 MotoTrbo only (and equvalent radios from other regions, please see the Connections page for a type list).

Can we use the radios own control head in parallel with the Sirius?

Yes, the radios standard control head will work in parallel.

Can more than one panel operate the same radio?


Can the panel connect to more than one radio?


Can the panel connect to other equipment?


How do I trigger an emergency transmission?

Triggering from the panel is done by pushing and holding anywhere on the screen while in the Main Menu, for three seconds.

You can also connect an extra separate emergency button in the back connector of the radio.

Can the panels software be changed for our needs?

Yes, it can be tailored if the numbers motivate it.

What languages are supported?

At the moment the panel supports English only. There will be other languages in the future.
Please note that most menus comes from the radio directly and there for follows the language setting in the radio. The panel has very few menus of its own.

What type of operating system is used for the software?

The panel is based on a micro controller with our own software. There are no Windows, Linux or Android inside.

Can the panels installation be changed?

Yes, there are several back sides for different installations and custom made models can be built.

How long can the cable between radio and panel be?

The connection is USB and the standard for USB say 6 meters. This should be enough in most vehicles. The standard delivered cable kit is 3m.

With special cabling and/or enhancers it might also work on longer distances, this is not tested.

Why is not Bluetooth used?

The panel does not use Bluetooth for the following reasons:

  • It will still need a cable for power.
  • Syncronising units with Bluetooth is often problematic and we don´t want our users to get stuck there.

You can still use Bluetooth for the audio accessories if needed.

What radio firmware on DM4600 is supported?

You need to run version R02.30.00 or higher.

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