All Airband Radios Supported by SoftRadio

On this page we have gathered links to the airband radio models that we support with an advanced remote control.
You can read more about each radio model on their separate pages.
There are also user examples for airband systems found here.
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Icom have one fixed airband radio that can be remote controlled with channel change etc.



Jotron builds rack mounted airband base stations mainly for staionary use. These can be remote controlled using SoftRadio.



Trig makes very small airband radios, suitable to be installed onboard UAV´s.

Trig TY91

Portable radios

The universal interface can be connected to a portable airband radio. This will give remote control of audio in/out and PTT, but no channel change or other function.
We have cable kits for the following radios:

Icom IC-A25
Yaesu FTA-250L

Virtual Control Head for Trig TY91

Exampel of Virtual Control Head for the Trig TY91 Airband radio.

Mimer SoftRadio with three radios, VoiceLog and phone connection

Mimer SoftRadio with three radios, VoiceLog and phone connection.

SoftRadio also supports most other radios and other audio equipment

Read more about interfaces for generic use under Universal Radio types in the menu above.

Other types of radios, than the ones above, can be connected through microphone, speaker and PTT but without the ability to change channels, make selective calls etc.

Also phones, intercoms, PA´s and other equipment can be connected to the SoftRadio system.

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