Custom Design Products

Custom Design Products

We have a long experience in developing special customized electronic products,
especially RF and other test equipment.

You are welcome with any requests for development of electronic products.

Examples of custom developments:

Custom RF Amplifiers
mainly for laboratory use

  • Up to 2100 MHz
  • Up to 400 W
Amplifier 50W
1800MHz 400W
Cabinet with 10 units and water cooling

Telemetry receivers
Built for air to ground communication at test flights

  • Multi band receivers
  • Diversity
Telemetry receiver
Back side of custom design receiver
Scale model of space shuttle, used for testing

GPS Enhancers
System for enhancing the GPS signals underground and indoors

Outdoor unit
Indoor unit

RF Tranceivers
Rugged data tranceiver in the VHF band

Custom designed radio data modem
Custom made radio units

Communications panels
Purpose built for a mobile fire defence command center

Operator panel, Gothenburg fire defence command vehicle

Discontinued Products

TMR/TTM – Propagation test equipment
Test receivers and transmitters for propagation measurements.

A range of products for model tuning measurements used for planning cellular networks.

We give service and support for as long as there are parts available.

TMR Transmitter
TMR Receiver and PC
TMR Receiver unit

Mimer AuroraLight
A compact interface and software for connecting your Ericsson Aurora or Niros TRX3001 radio to a PC through the COM-Port.

Interface unit for the Aurora radio

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