SoftLine Microphone & Speaker

Using a microphone and a speaker through Mimer SoftLine

Mimer SoftLine gives you the ability to IP-connect a radio at one end to only a microphone and speaker at the other end.
Many users only wan´t to remotely speak and listen on one single radio, and having a PC at the operator end would make it over complicated.
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Remote controlling a single radio

A simple solution to setup and to use.

Two network interfaces connected as Mimer SoftLine. At one end a radio of “any” type. At the other end a microphone with PTT and speaker.

The operator can listen to everything that the radio receiver gets and he can transmit on the radio. Since IP is used, the distance between radio and operator has no limit. Using the Internet, you can go around the world.

Two examples to the right. One with a DMR radio communicating with firemen, and one with an airband radio communicating with airplanes or airfield towers.

SoftLine with microphone 3110/07
SoftLine with only microphone/speaker

Remote control of a single radio from microphone and speakers

Remote controlling a radio in a larger system

The remote controlled radio might be connected in a larger radio network. There are no limitations, a single repeater network or a nation wide Tetra system, it will all work.

From the view of the radio system, it is just one more radio connected.

The example to the right is from a customer that runs a mining company. The operator is above ground and the radios are 1km below ground.

SoftLine with only microphone/speaker
Radio remote controlled over LAN through speaker and microphone

Remote control of a radio that is part of a larger system

Remote controlling other equipment than radios

Instead of a radio at one end, it can be a PA system, or it can be just one PA speaker and a local microphone for ambient listening.

SoftLine with only microphone/speaker

Remote controlling a PA-system and listening to an ambience microphone