Airband Systems

Airband Radio Systems

Airband radios are used not only in airports but also on ships, oil rigs etc, as well as when flying UAV´s.
Follow the links below to read more about the different areas concerning airband radios. You will find both user cases and descriptions on how to build your SoftRadio system.
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Large Airports

All large Airports use radio communication, not only on the airband channels.
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SoftRadio at SAS

Other users of Airband radios

There are many other situations where airband communication is needed.
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Operators both onshore and offshore

Small Airports

Small Airports or Airfields also need to communicate on airband radios.
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Three airports with local radios and local dispatchers. One common dispatcher for all airports working in parallel


Also when flying a drone you need to communicate with ATC and other planes.
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Drone with medical supplies

Supported radio types

Virtual Control Head, Icom IC-A120
Virtual Control Head for Trig TY91
Virtual Control Head, Jotron 7750 Airband Radio

Virtual Control Heads for advanced remote control of Airband radios

Virtual Control Head, MTM5400

Also Tetra, DMR and old analogue radio systems can be connected

Fixed Airband Radios

Typically we connect fixed airband radios to the Mimer SoftRadio system. They can be generic connected with only audio and PTT or they can have advanced remote functions for channel change and more.

Read more about the advanced radio models here: Icom IC A120, Trig TY91 and Jotron TR7750.

Also portable radios can be connected in some cases.

Other radio types at airports etc

At many airports there are other types of radios for use at ground communication. This can be Tetra, DMR and more.

We have interfaces available to the SoftRadio system for many different radio types. Read more here.

Add-ons and options that are usefull together with airband radios

Mimer VoiceLog

When dealing with critical communication it is a good idea to record all audio between operator and radio users. The Mimer VoiceLog will do just that. With a instant listening function for the operator and a long time recording for the supervisor.
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Advanced Audio Messages

With this option he operator can record messages and transmit them on selected radio units. Manual or automatic.
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Mimer SIP Phone Connect

The operator will most likely need to use other communication than radio. Therefor we have a SIP phone add-on to SoftRadio. The operator can use the same PC, GUI and headset for both radio and phone.
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Operator PC´s and accessories

To make the use easy for the operator he needs user friendly hardware together with the SoftRadio software. We have gathered some nice PC´s and also microphones, headsets etc.
Read more on PC´s.
Read more on Accessories.

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