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LS Elektronik AB is an engineering and manufacturing company developing electronic products for the professional market all over the world.

The company was founded in 1993 and among the first products was a complete system with test receivers and test transmitters tailor-made as a tool for designing cellular networks. This product range was expanded and sold in many different versions across nearly 20 years.

Over the years we have developed many specially ordered products like RF power amplifiers for laboratory tests, versatile telemetry receivers, different types of test equipment, control- and communication-panels for public transportation and a highly scaleable system for radio over IP that among many things allows operators to control professional two-way radios using regular PC´s.

Most of our products involves radios or are built to be used together with RF equipment.

We have a wide experience with hardware and software and apart from offering our standard products range we are always ready to help customers solve problems with specially designed and manufactured solutions.

Todays products are mainly Mimer SoftRadio for remote control of radios over IP, Mimer X-Link for bridging radio systems together and the Sirius Rugged Remote Panel specially made for Motorola MotoTrbo radios. More information on these web pages.

Touch screen panel built for the Stockholm Metro

Radio operator panel built for the
Stockholm Metro.

The EMC test room at LS Elektronik

Pictures from our own EMC test chamber at the facillities in Spånga, Stockholm.

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