Cable drawings and instructions

On the pages below you will find all you need to setup your Network Interface together with the radio or other device that you are using.
Please note that many radios require a special setup in order to be able to communicate with the  network interface. So, make sure that you read the instructions and program the radio accordingly.
New kits and instructions will be added as we go along and they are needed.
Setup instructions for SoftRadio and all the options are found on this page.
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The instructions are sorted after the cable kit article numbers. For each kit there is a drawing, and for kits that are made for a certian device, there is also a setup instruction.

We have divided the kits on separate pages so that they are easier to find and so that the web pages load faster.

Kit numbers 3000-3099 are found here.
Kit numbers 3100-3199 are found here.
Kit numbers 3200-3299 are found here.
Kit numbers 3300-3399 are found here.
Kit numbers 3400-3499 are found here.

Some kits can be used with more that one radio type, so make sure that you get the correct version.

Since the drawings and the instructions are updated from time to time. Always check that you are using the latest version.

Connection kit
Network Interface LE connected to a Sepura Tetra radio
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