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Sirius with its parent radio DM4600

Sirius panel together with a DM4600 radio


Connecting the panel

The panel has a fixed cable connection in order to provide maximum water proofing.

The cable is normally delivered at 3m and with a premounted connector for the back port of a DM4600 radio.

When connecting to Motorola MotoTrbo radios the only connections are power and data through USB. These are all accessed through the radios back connector.

For larger projects LS Elektronik can provide ready made cable kits at customer specification.


The panel does not support the audio path. This has to be done directly from the radio. In many cases we believe that this will be through a helmet headset or similar.


Same thing with the PTT. This needs to be done separately.

Sirius on a quad bike


Radios with a built in bluetooth connection can use this for both audio and PTT functions if needed.

The Sirius Panel does not use the Bluetooth path for the data communication. This is for the following reasons:

  • It will still need a cable for power, so it can´t be cordless.
  • Syncronising units with Bluetooth is often problematic and we don´t want our users to get stuck there.

Supported radio models

Motorola MotoTrbo:

  • DM4600
  • DM4601
  • XPR5550
  • XPR5580
  • DGM5500
  • DGM8500
  • XiR M8660
  • XiR M8668

And also the later “e-versions”.

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