Microphone & Speaker

Microphone & Speaker

This combination of a network interface and a table top microphone with speaker, will connect directly into a SoftRadio system.
For use in places where you have no radio units and no operator PC.
We call it Direct Talk position.
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There are situations where a dispatcher would like to talk to a person in a control room, or other place, where a SoftRadio operator PC or a portable radio is not suitable.

Below are some examples of how the system can be used as an add-on to radio remote control in SoftRadio.

Situation room

You are working in a (temporary) situation room. You don´t want to be disturbed by radios talking or a whole dispatch PC. But from time to time you need to quickly talk to the dispatchers that operate the radios. Just push PTT!

Secure location

You have a room where radios are not allowed, copper wires are not allowed and PC´s are not allowed. Place a Direct Talk microphone here and connect with fibre cable.
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Supervisor control

Using the CrossPatch function in SoftRadio a supervisor can connect each Direct Talk microphone to one radio at a time. And change the use totally in the next instance.
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Lunch room

You need to get hold of a person that is on his break. With a speaker and microphone in the lunch room, you can talk to that person from the radio dispatcher.

3110/07, Table top microphone/speaker connected to network interface

Interface and Microphone

The microphone has a built in speaker and PTT key. It connects directly to a network interface and from there over any IP connection to the larger SoftRadio system.

For the SoftRadio dispatcher it looks and works like a radio device in the GUI.

Cross patch to radio

If the SoftRadio dispatcher has the option CrossPatch installed, the operator can patch a radio call to the microphone. Thus making it possible to talk to any radio from the fixed microphone.

Connection direct to a radio

You can aslo build a system that connects the microphone directly to a radio, without going through a SoftRadio system. Read more here.

SoftRadio with Direct Talk

SoftRadio operator with one device panel setup for
Direct Talk

System Examples

SoftRadio with direct talk position

One Direct Talk position connected to a SoftRadio system

SoftRadio with fibre connected direct talk position

A Direct Talk position connect through fibre to the SoftRadio system.

A SoftRadio supervisor connects one radio at a time to the operators

A SoftRadio supervisor cross connects one radio at a time to the Direct Talk operators

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