LS Elektronik

Policy Regarding Shipping

Standard Deliveries

We ship all equipment using DHL as the carrier.
We have worked with DHL for many years and we know that they have a first class system for shipping and tracking packages.

Special Deliveries

There are shipments that does not fit into the standards.
In such cases we might use another carrier or even a local express curier.

Using the customers prefered carrier.

In some cases the customer has a very good deal with a special carrier. It can be a very good price or very good service regarding handling of documents during import.
In such cases we can send the goods with the customers preferred carrier, using the customers account number.
If the carrier is DHL, there is no extra charge. But for all other carriers we reserve the right to add an administrative charge to the order.
We also prefer to book the pick up of the shipment from our end, so that we can get the paperwork correct and there are no mixups regarding time zones etc.

SoftRadio with two Marine radios and two Airband radios
Network Interfaces, Standard and LE version
Controlling the ships at Sea-Kit, SoftRadio in the middle of the screens
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