Mimer SoftRadio is a system that gives you the possibility to remote control your two-way radio over a LAN, a WAN or over the Internet. It also lets you mix and match different brands and types of radios as well as phones and intercom.
Many dispatchers can share one radio and each dispatcher can operate many radios.
With the virtual control heads you get the feeling of “sitting in front of the radio”.
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Advantages of using SoftRadio

Mimer SoftRadio takes two-way radio into the computer era. You use your ordinary PC as a dispatcher console and you use your office LAN/WAN and/or the Internet for distribution.

This opens up for completely new types of radio systems and dispatch centres. And it saves you money on leased lines!

Lots and lots of extras have been developed to make your dispatch central complete.

We have options for cross patching, group sending, phone connection. We have servers for audio recording, status logging and more.

By searching the menu at the top you will find answers to all your questions.
If not, please write an e-mail with your questions.

Have you got an idea for a system? Please write us an email and we will help with a solution for you.

Small and simple to use

The secret to the technique is our Mimer Network Interface that connects any two-way radio to a computer network or the Internet.

By using a small windows program and the computers ordinary sound card you can control the radio and speak over it. All audio is sent in data packages over the network.

You can set the size of the application yourself. Maybe you want it small so it does not disturb other Windows programs or you like it to fill the whole screen. It is also made to be easily used on touch screen PC´s.

  • More than one dispatcher can control each radio in parallel.
  • Every operator can control many radios.
  • Every operator can monitor all his radios at the same time.
  • Even during transmit the monitored audio comes in from the other radios.

All around the world

Mimer SoftRadio has been sold to over 60 countries on all five continents. The users vary from Taxi dispatch in Sweden, to the Red Cross in Italy, to mines in South Africa and to the Police in South Korea.

At the moment Mimer SoftRadio is available in nine languages.

SoftRadio at SAS

Example of an airport system

Lots of customer examples can be found here!

Virtual Control Head, MTM5400

Exampel of Virtual Control Head for the Motorola Tetra terminal MTM5400.

SoftRadio with three connected radios

SoftRadio with three radios connected.

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