Connecting radios all over the world

Other types of Radios and Systems

Apart from the radios with advanced remote control, described on the separate pages, we support many other systems and radios.

Read more on the separate pages for each radio model.

Mimer SoftRadio

Radios with a Virtual Control Head

Older radios that we have a remote control for. Click the picture for more information.

Ericsson Aurora

Examples of radios remote controlled with audio and PTT

The universal interfaces can be used with almost any radio model. Read more here.

For the radios below, we have made separate pages. Click the pictures below or select in the menu above.

Airbus Tetra

Airbus TMR880i

Kirisun PoC/WiFi

Kirisun M50 PoC / WiFi terminal

Sailor Marine

Sailor RT5022

Yaesu Airband

Alternative Setups

The radios can also be used together with our other products:

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