Icom IC-F5060-Series

Icom IC-FR5000-Series base stations

The Icom radios with a 25Pin port on the back can be remote controlled with audio and PTT.
Also the channel and the zone of the radio can be changed remotely from the Virtual Control Head in SoftRadio.
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You get access to changing the radios channel and zone remotely. If you run the mobile radio in IDAS mode, the ID number of the transmitting radio will be shown on the display. (Only ID number, no alias)

The radio itself can simoultaneusly, with the remote control, be used as a standard radio with its control head, microphone and speaker.

Suitable Network Interface is 3009/20.
Cable Kit 3205.

Suitable Network Interface is 3009/51.
Cable Kit 3247.

There is also a smaller version that only remote controls the audio and the PTT, no channel change. Then you use the Network Interface LE, 3130.

Examples of use:

  • Local use when several dispatchers want to share one radio
  • Remote use where a dispatcher at one location want to talk to radio users at a different location
  • CrossPatch between IDAS radio channels and other two way radios, like analogue, Airband, DMR, Tetra or MPT.
Mimer SoftRadio with four different Icom radios connected

Mimer SoftRadio

Cable kit 3205

Cable Kit for radios with the 25 Pin connector

Channel name Setup

The radio does not report the channel names, only a technical number, to external devices. For this reason it is important to make a list of channel names and zones and save it in the interface.

The list needs to be an exact copy of the list in the radio. If the programming of a channel is changed in the radio, it also needs to be changed in the interface.

When all is correct the Virtual Control Head will show the name of the channel.

Virtual Control Head of the IC-F5060-Series and the IC-FR5000-series base stations

Virtual Control Head for the IC-F5060-Series

Icom Channel Setup Menu

Supported radio models:

F5061, F5062, F5063

F6061, F6062, F6063


Should also work with:
but is not tested.

Icom IC-F5060-Series
Icom IC-FR5000-series
Virtual Control Head for IC-F6062 during reception in IDAS mode

Virtual Control Head for the IC-F5060-Series, receiving an IDAS call from radio 402.

Virtual Control Head for Icom F6062

Controls on the Virtual Control Head.

System examples:

One radio remote controlled from one operator PC

One radio remote controlled from one
operator PC.

Four operators remoting three radios, with audio recording

Four operators remoting three radios, with audio recording.

Two operators working with two base stations and one airband radio

Two operators working with two base stations and one airband radio.

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