SoftRadio supports several radio
types from Hytera

Read more about the Hytera radios that are supported on the separate pages found in the menu above. Or click on the images below.
The remote control of Hytera radios can be combined with other radio types as well as phones, voice logging and much more.
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Hytera Radios

We have support for the Hytera MD78X-series and the HM78X-series, with the advanced Network Interface, that gives you a Virtual Control Head with full function remote control.

All radios can also be remote controlled from our universal interface that gives control of audio and PTT, no channel change or other function. More information on the universal interfaces and how they can be used can be found here.

The base station RD98X-series can be remote controlled with audio and PTT plus some extra functions. Read more on this page.

Radio types with Virtual Control Head:

Special kits available for:

Mimer SoftRadio with four different radio types connected

Mimer SoftRadio with different radio types connected.

Hytera MD78X-series


Hytera HM78X-series

Hytera RD985

Hytera RD98X-series

The Hytera radios have different numbering in different parts of the world. The last digit tells the region. Here marked with an X. Basically the radios are the same, so SoftRadio will work also on radios with another last digit.

Alternative Setups

The Hytera radios can also be used together with our other products:

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