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Functions and Menus

Sirius Remote Panel

Picture showing the panel with an orange back light.

Sirius Panel with DM4600

Panel with alternative white back light and DM4600 radio

Main menu

The main menu shows the radios standard icons in the same way as the radios display. It also shows the active channel/talkgroup presented in text format.

When transmitting or receiving on a talkgroup or a private call the panel will show the group in use. It will also display the ID of the other radio when receiving a call.

In a quick access menu it gives the basic functions of channel/talkgroup change, volume control and display light control.

Audio Control

The audio volume is manually controlled on the touch panel.

This is done on the quick access menu. A display bar shows the actual setting.

Incomming calls

When a selective call (private call), or a text message comes in, the panel will automatically go into the radios menu system in the same way as the radios control panel does. You can then choose to handle the call or to exit the menues without action.

Incomming Talk group message

Incomming talkgroup call

Notifications menu

Notifications menu

Talkgroup change

Through the quick access menu you reach the setting of channel/talkgroup. This is done via touch screen arrow buttons for up/down.

The name of the channel/talkgroup is presented on the display in plain text.

Light control

The display light is manually controlled on the touch panel.

A display bar shows the actual setting.

The display is of the transflective type, this means that background light (sunlight) is reflected back and helps to light up the display for best visibility in bright light.

The Quick Access Menu

Quick Access Menu

Sending Emergency call

Warning menu before an emergency is sent

More functions

From the quick access menu there is a choice to go into the radios standard menu system. There you can navigate and make settings in the same manor as from the radios control panel.

Touch Screen operation

Tapping and pushing

A tap on the screen in the main menu takes you to the Quick Access menu.

A long press anywhere on the touch screen in the main menu, you will activate the radios emergency transmission, after a warning.

While in the radio menus a tap on the screen takes you one step back in the menu system and a long press takes you to the main menu. Similar functionality as the “House” button on the radio.

Video of functions

Click the picture to the right for a short video description of the functions.

Sirius Movie
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