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Standard terms of Warranty

Although we always strive to deliver first class products that are free of faults, things can happen.
We will always help you with your problems as fast as we can, also when the warranty period has expired.

The standard warranty period is 1 year from when the package arrives at the address stated on the order. The warranty is “ex works” Spånga, Sweden.


Hardware units sent to us for warranty repair, are mostly repaired or exchanged within one week, typically only a few days, and then returned. 

If a hardware unit does not function as expected, please always contact us. It might be that we can emediatly see the problem and fix it remotely or give you a tip on how to fix it yourself.

If the unit needs to be sent to us for repair or exchange, always check with our logistics department so that the correct documents get attached for the smoothest passage back and forth through customs.

The cost of shipping to us will be carried by you. LSE will accept the cost for return shipping.


Bugs and other faults in the software will be solved as fast as possible and new releases of the software sent out. 

When a report of a fault comes in, we need to replicate the problem to determine if this is a fault in the SoftRadio product software or if it is something wrong with the setup or IP system at the customer. At this stage we will probably ask you to test some alternative settings in order to determine where the fault is.

If there is a problem in the software, we will fix this and make an updated version as soon as possible. If the fault affects several customers they will all be notified that there is an updateted version available.

Extended warranty

An extended warranty period can be ordered together with the original purchase.

The normal extended periods are a total of three years or a total of five years. Other periods can also be arranged.

After the warranty period

We will still support your hardware and software.

The software will need updates from time to time. Windows changes and the software needs to change with it. The Mimer SoftRadio software´s will continuously be updated to reflect this, and new releases be available.

In the same way, the radios firmware is updated, from time to time, and changes might then be needed in the interfaces that connects the radios to the system.

SoftRadio with different radio types connected
Drone with medical supplies
Network Interfaces, Standard and LE version
Operator with SoftRadio on a small screen
Two dispatchers monitoring three receivers using diversity
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