Trig Avionics Airband radio

The Trig TY91 VHF Airband radio can be remote controlled through Mimer SoftRadio giving the operator the ability to set the operating and standby channel, the squelch on/off and ofcourse use audio and PTT.
Since the Trig TY91 is very small and light it is perfect for use onboard UAV´s. The operator can use it remotely, as if he was onboard the UAV.
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Channel/frequency selection is made by stepping up/down or by entering the channel name on the keypad. There is a virtual keypad on the control head and you can use the PC keyboard.

The squelch can be operated on/off like on the ordinary control head. A standby channel can be entered and easily switched to.

Connection to the radio is made from the 25-Pin D-sub connector.

No special programming is needed in the radio.

Suitable Network Interface is 3009/60.
Cable kit 3328.

If you do not need the ability to change channel or set the squelch, you can use the simpler solution described on this page.

Examples of use:

  • Local use when several dispatchers want to share one radio
  • Remote use where a dispatcher at one location want to talk to radio users at a different location
  • Remote use with the radio onboard a UAV

A brochure is avaialble on the download page

Mimer Network Interface

Network Interface 3009/60

Virtual Control Head for Trig TY91

Virtual Control Head for
Trig TY91

Virtual Control Head for Trig TR91 - Setting channel

Entering a new channel

Virtual Control Head functions

Virtual Control Head Functions

Supported radio models:

  • Trig TY91
  • Trig TY92

The radio unit w/o control head is only 370g

System examples:

One Trig radio remote controlled

One airband radio remote controlled from one operator PC.

Two Trig radios and one Tetra radio remote controlled

Two airband radios and one Tetra radio remote controlled from two operator PC´s.

Remote radio placed onboard a UAV

A remote controlled radio is placed onboard a UAV so that the operator can use it as if he was onboard.

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