Different users of Airband radios

Airband radios are not only used between a plane and Air Traffic Control in an airport tower.
In many other situations an airband radio is also needed. For example when landing a helicopter on an oil rig.
Every user group has need for their own type of setup. There for we have many alternatives.
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Different User groups (non Airport)

Onboard large ships

Large ships often have a helipad, so they need to communicate with a landing helicopter. Ships used for search and rescue also need to talk to helicopters that are involved in the operation.

Therefor it is important that the ships bridge, and/or command and control centre, has access to an Airband radio. This can be integrated into a larger system with other communication onboard.

Please also read about the Command and Control system on the Coast Guards ships.

Wind farms at sea

Wind farms at sea always have a helipad so that service personel can get there fairly quick. At the wind farm there is among other communication also a remote controlled Airband radio, so that the MCC on shore can talk to the helicopter.

The IP connection from shore to windfarm can be fibre, micro wave or satellite. All depending on the distance from shore.

Oil and gas rigs at sea

Rigs at sea also have a helipad where transports can land. Here it is common that personel on deck need to talk to the landing helicopter, but this is an ATEX zone (explosion risk area) where the radios needs to be approved, and Airband portables are not available for ATEX environments.

The solution is to build a cross patch from the onboard radio systems, used with ATEX approved radios, to the Airband channel. This can be done in several ways, see below.

Unmanned aircrafts

Different technologies

Mimer SoftRadio

SoftRadio is the standard way of remote controlling different types of radios over IP from a PC dispatcher position. There are many descriptions of different solutions on these web pages.
In SoftRadio you can also make a patch between different types of radio systems.
More reading on SoftRadio CrossPatch.

Mimer SoftLine with a microphone

If you don´t like to have a PC as the operator position, you can set up a Mimer SoftLine solution using two interface boxes, and at the operator end just have a microphone with PTT and speakers. You will only be able to remote one radio and you will not have any features, like channel change. But it is IP, and you can sit “anywhere” to remote the radio.
More Reading

Mimer SoftLine CrossPatch

If you need a fixed cross patch beween two radios that are at different locations. You can use a SoftLine connection. It is set up over IP, so the two radios can be “anywhere”.
More Reading

Mimer X-Link

If you need a permanent cross patch between two radios at the same location, you can set this up with Mimer X-Link.
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Command and Control onboard ship

Radio system on Coast Guard ships

Mimer RadioServer in satellite mode

Windfarm system

Operators both onshore and offshore

Oilrig with cross patch

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