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We are an engineering company focusing on developing and manufacturing both hardware and software mainly used in radio systems. All hardware and software used in our systems are developed in house at our facilities just outside Stockholm, Sweden.

We have since 2004 produced the IP dispatch system Mimer SoftRadio. It has  been sold in over 60 countries worldwide.

Mimer SoftRadio is used on offshore oilrigs, by miners in South Africa, by airports in Europe, by ambulances in the USA and by railrods in Sweden.

We also develop and produce the Sirius rugged remote panel for Motorola MotoTrbo radios and the X-Link interface that bridges almost any two types of radios.


A totally new function is under development, turning the radio calls into plain text, by the use of an AI.

This will be an add-on to the VoiceLog that records all messages. A fantastic help when it is hard to hear what the radio caller is saying.
Please take a look at the video from the show where we demonstrate the function.
You find it here.

Note that the AI handles over 50 different languages.



Airports have many radiosystems, Mimer SoftRadio can bring them all together and let all operators use all radios.

With a Mimer VoiceLog the communication will be recorded.

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It is expensive to have people working offshore. With Mimer SoftRadio, you can remote control the radiosystem from land.

Works with all types of IP connection, even satellite.

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Working from home?
With Mimer SoftRadio you can even work as a radio dispatcher from home.

Adding a Mimer SIP client you can make phone calls from the same operator GUI.

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Unmanned ships

More and more ships will be remote controled. SoftRadio secures that also the onboard radio can be remote controled.

Also PA and foghorn on the unmanned ship can be remote controlled.

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Industries often have a mix of modern and old radiosystems, they can all be brought together using Mimer SoftRadio.

The picture shows SoftRadio at a railroad shunting yard.

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Public safety

Tetra or small local systems. Mimer SoftRadio can bring them together at the dispatcher and also cross patch the systems.

The picure shows a SoftRadio setup in a Command and Control vehicle.

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Mimer X-link

X-link of Tetra to Airband

Mimer X-Link bridges together almost any two types of radio systems. The interface is very universal, to work with all system types.

In the examples above a Tetra radio can talk to the airband radio on the airplane.

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A rugged touch screen panel built to remote control a Motorola DM4600 MotoTrbo radio. Built for tough users in rough environments.

Sirius Remote Panel is developed and manufactured by LS Elektronik AB.

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Public safety

Connect two radios together, or remote control without a PC dispatcher. All over LAN, WAN or the Internet.

SoftLine can be used in many very different scenarios.

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Brochures - Setup guides - User guides - Support

All brochures on SoftRadio equipment can be found under the headline SoftRadio Download above.

Brochures on X-Link, Sirius, SoftLine and MVP can all be found under the headline Other Brochures download.

Many setup guides for SoftRadio are found on the web pages, under Mimer SoftRadio/Technical & Setup. And don´t miss the page about audio settings there.

Behind the headline Technical & User Manuals Download above, you will find both setup guides and user guides for SoftRadio and SoftLine.

When you need information on how to setup your radio together with the interface and cable kit, the instructions for SoftRadio and SoftLine are found here. And the instructions for X-Link are found here.

The most common questions about SoftRadio all have answers on this FAQ page.


Well tested technology

A panel in each train

Read about our policy regarding
Integrity and Security

All products are tested in our own EMC test room.

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Metro train of the newer C20-type

All 800 subway trains in Stockholm uses a Mimer Vehicel Panel made by LS Elektronik AB.
Link to MVP

LS Elektronik has more than 25 years of experience of development and construction of radios and accessories.
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