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Some customers do not want to use computers at all. They prefer the standard control head.
In order to have a very long cable connection between radio and control head, they need to go digital. Mimer SoftLine Sepura will do this for them.
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Mimer SoftLine with Sepura Tetra terminals

Through the use of a specially designed version of the Mimer SoftLine Network Interface, a remote control can be set up for the Sepura SRM- and SRG-series Tetra terminals and their standard control heads.

The radio and the control head can be separated by a standard CAT5 cable of up to 150m or you can use a standard LAN or the Internet to expand the range even further.

Instead of having a radio on your desk the benefit of remote control is that the radio can be placed in a high up place in the building, or at a completely different site, and there use a short antenna cable, for low loss. Perfect for redundancy use, where you might need to use the terminal in direct mode or to set it up as a gateway or repeater.

There are also special installations were copper wire can’t be used. This solution permits you to use fibre cables between radio and control head.

Mimer SoftLine remote controlling a Sepura mobile Tetra terminal

A Sepura Tetra terminal connected via Mimer SoftLine Sepura to a standard control head.

At the control head side, the standard speaker and microphone can be used.
The Mimer Network Interface has a built in speaker amplifier to get the audio level right.

If power is lost at either end of the system, or at both, the system will restart itself when both ends have restored the power.

Please alse see our PC remote control of Sepura Tetra terminals.

The SoftLine solution above will also work with the new SCG22-terminal.

A brochure is available from the Download page.

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