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Both trains and buses needs a lot of communication. It is not always they can run according to schedule and then it gets vital to be able to communicate with the drivers.
Mimer SoftRadio lets you communicate using the Internet as the connection from the operator to the base stations.
In some vehicles a special built radio panel is needed. That can be solved with the MVP or the Sirius.
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Bus and Taxi Dispatching

Bus companies as well as taxi companies often have several local dispatch centrals for different geographical areas. In the night time when traffic is low they need to concentrate their recourses to one central.

With SoftRadio it is easy to connect all radio systems into one dispatch central. The radio systems can be of different kinds, like in the example below where one town uses a modern Tetra system and the other two towns have old analogue systems.

The important thing is that the dispatcher can use the same PC software and the same headset for all radio systems and also for phone calls.

Example from a centralised bus dispatcher

Example of bus dispatching where many types of systems needs to be controlled in different parts of a large geographical area.

Radio at a shunting yard

The Swedish rail cargo company, Green Cargo, are upgrading from custom built analogue dispatch consoles, to Mimer SoftRadio on touch screen PC´s.

Read more on the Industry Systems Page.

Touch screen PC dispatcher

Radio onboard a train engine

Most trains, trams and subways have a drivers cabin at each end. Depending on the driving direction, the driver needs to communicate from one of the cabins.

In order to have the same phone number, private call etc. at both ends, it is easiest to have common hardware for both cabins.

With Mimer SoftRadio onboard, all equipment can be used from one touch screen PC and one microphone/handset at each end. Both ends will have equal functions and they can be operational in parallel if needed.

A simplified operation for the driver, compared to most earlier setups. All comms on one screen and one handset, no moving of portable units from front to back etc.

Train engine with common equipment for both front and back driver cabin.

Train engine with common equipment for both front and back driver cabin.

Bus and Train operator panels

In some cases neither the standard radio panel or a touch screen PC is  the right solution. The driver needs a custom design alternative. It might be the environment that is to rough, it might be extra functions that are needed, or it might be just the size that actually matters.

We have built different alternatives for different use, and if the numbers are right we will purpose build any type of panel for you!

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Read more about the Sirius Remote Panel here.

Train Panel for the Stockholm Metro

Purpose built panel for the
Stockholm Subway trains

Sirius Panel getting very wet

Sirius Remote Panel: Small touch screen panel for the Motorola MotoTrbo radios

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