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Icom IC-A110 Airband radio

The Airband radio Icom IC-A110 can be remote controlled with audio and PTT through Mimer SoftRadio and the Network Interface LE.

As with all SoftRadio products you can remote several radios from one operator, and several operators can share one radio.

Mimer SoftRadio


Remote capability of audio and PTT (No virtual control head)

Channel/frequency selection is made from the standard front panel of the radio.

Connection is made both from the front microphone connector and from the rear speaker connector.

No special programming is needed in the radio.

Suitable Network Interface is 3130.
Cable kit 3166.

Icom IC-A120
The same solution, as for the IC-A110, works also with the newer radio IC-A120, if you need only audio and PTT functionality. On the IC-A120 it is also possible to set the operating channel remotely, using a more advanced interface. If you need the advanced functions, please see this page.

Examples of use:

  • Local use in an airport where several operators want to share one radio
  • Remote use where a dispatcher at one location want to talk to aircraft at a distant airport or on inflight to an airport
  • CrossPatch between airband radio and other two way radio, like analogue, Tetra or MPT.
Network Interface LE

Network Interface LE, 3130

Cable Kit 3166

Cable kit 3166

Supported radio models:

  • IC-A110 / IC-A110E
  • IC-A120 / IC-A120E

System examples:

Operator working with a fixed channel Airband radio

One radio with fixed airband channel remote controlled from one operator PC.

Operators using a mix of old and new airband radios plus a DMR radio

Operators using two A110 with fixed channel, one A120 with VCH, one DMR radio with VCH and a connection to a SIP PABX.

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