The Network Interface HD

Mimer Network Interface HD

The Network Interface is the bridge between the radio (or other device) and the IP network. It handles both the audio and the control signals.
The Network Interface HD (High Durability) is our extra tough version of the Network Interface. To be used in rough environments where the demands are extra high.
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The Network Interface

The purpose of the Network Interface is to be a bridge between the radio and the IP network. It transforms audio and signalling from analogue to digital and back again.

The Network Interface has a very flexible design so the radio control signals can be configured to fit almost any radio on the market, both analogue and digital.

The Network Interface has connections for Audio input and output. It also connects to I/O control signals like Squelch, PTT, Alarm, Off-hook, etc. as well as serial data and other radio remote control signals.

Network Interface HD

The High Durability version

For customers with a higher demand regarding the durability we have developed a customized version of the Network Interface. It is not an off the shelf product, it will be adopted and built according to each customers specific needs.

The first version has been made for installation on UAV´s together with an airband radio unit.

Main differences from the standard interface:
– Delivered in the smaller black box
– RJ45 connector for IP changed to a 9PIN D-sub
– The PCB inside is protected by conformal coating
– The PCB is fastened with 8 screws to the box
– Approved for high shock and vibration
– Approved for very high and low temperature
– Approved for above standard EMC

Your version of the Network Interface HD?

This is not a box that is kept on stock. We will tailor make it according to your requeirements.

Tell us what you need! Maybe you need another box, another colour, other connectors and maybe it should work together with a special type of radio unit? We will help you!

Network Interface HD with Trig TY91

Network Interface HD with Trig TY91 Airband radio

Network Interface HD

Network Interface HD

High Durability

Eight screws fastens the PCB to the bottom of the box to make the interface more sturdy regarding shock and vibration.

Network Interface HD

For installation there are brackets available. The silver box also have two threaded holes, M4, on the front.

Interface mounting bracketss
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