SoftRadio API

Mimer SoftRadio API

With the use of SoftRadio API, developers of other dispatch solutions can integrate SoftRadio and make use of the functions within SoftRadio.
All basic functions of SoftRadio are available through the API as well as the Virtual Control Heads.
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Mimer SoftRadio – IP Network based control of two-way radios

SoftRadio lets you remote control all your radios, phones and intercom from one or many PC dispatchers. You can mix radio types and systems, you can mix local radios with Internet connected radios, you can have one dispatcher or hundreds.

SoftRadio API

We have canceled the old API!

A new type of API will be brought forward. At the moment planned to be ready at the end of 2023.

More information will follow on this page.

Virtual Control Head MTM5400
Virtual Control Head of Icom Marine radio
Virtual Control Head shown without the optional keyboard

To control the radios functionality a Virtual Control Head is used that mimics the radios control head.

Connection to the radios

Each radio is connected to an interface box called Network Interface. The box interfaces to the radios audio path and to its PTT and when available to the radio’s control port.

On the other side of the interface is a standard network port that can be connected to a LAN, WAN or to the Internet.

There are also other types of interfaces for connection to intercoms, PA’s etc.

Network Interfaces, Standard and LE version

Network Interfaces

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