SoftRadio API

Mimer SoftRadio API

With the use of SoftRadio API, developers of other dispatch solutions can integrate SoftRadio and make use of the functions within SoftRadio.
All basic functions of SoftRadio are available through the API as well as the Virtual Control Heads.
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Mimer SoftRadio – IP Network based control of two-way radios

SoftRadio lets you remote control all your radios, phones and intercom from one or many PC dispatchers. You can mix radio types and systems, you can mix local radios with Internet connected radios, you can have one dispatcher or hundreds.

SoftRadio API

All functions for PTT, audio connection etc are available via the API. Also more advanced functions like GroupSend and CrossPatch can be built through the API.

One of the fundamental functions in SoftRadio is the use of virtual control heads for different radio types. This function is also usable through the API. For each radio type a virtual control head can be brought forward and the radios functions can be remote controlled just as if the dispatcher was sitting in front of the radio.

A list of the radios that have a Virtual Control Head in Mimer SoftRadio can be found here.

API for developers

For the use of developers we have a Windows DLL kit that will give you access to many of the functions in Mimer SoftRadio.

Each radio in the system needs a Network Interface and the operator PC needs to run the background software Mimer Connection Manager. This software handles the actual connection to each interface at the radio or other device in the system.

In the package is also a system example written in C# called Mimer SharpRadio to make it easier to get going.

The example helps the developer to test all functions and shows, in a basic way, how to build a dispatcher with all the functions. You can also borrow parts of the code for your own application.

In a message log the developer can follow each step of the messages back and forth in the system.

Message log for developers

The message log for developers

Mimer SharpRadio

Mimer SharpRadio – your test environment

Virtual Control Head MTM5400
Virtual Control Head of Icom Marine radio
Virtual Control Head shown without the optional keyboard

To control the radios functionality a Virtual Control Head is used that mimics the radios control head.

A separate API brochure is available on the download page.

Connection to the radios

Each radio is connected to an interface box called Network Interface. The box interfaces to the radios audio path and to its PTT and when available to the radio’s control port.

On the other side of the interface is a standard network port that can be connected to a LAN, WAN or to the Internet.

There are also other types of interfaces for connection to intercoms, PA’s etc.

Phones and Damm

Please note that at the moment the API can´t handle the phone functionality or the Damm Tetraflex functionality that standard SoftRadio can.

Network Interfaces, Standard and LE version

Network Interfaces