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This is just the start -

What can we do for you?

The tailor made units for the Stockholm Metro was just the start. We now have a very good platform to build future panels on.

Most likely they will not look exactly the same!

The key issue for many radio users that have trains, metros or buses is that they all need a ruggedized man machine interface and that they often need to control other equipment apart from the radio itself. Often this is also combined with a limited space for the control unit.

On some trains there are several radio systems, maybe one for long distance, one for shunting and also a phone. All of these could be brought into one control panel, to save space and to handle the environment better than the standard products.

Possible solutions

We can interface to all types of radio systems

  • Tetra
  • DMR
  • Analogue
  • GSM-R
  • and more…

We can interface to

  • Phone systems
  • Onboard computers
  • Onboard PA
  • and more…

We can also build systems with several control units sharing the same radios. For example for the front and back of a locomotive.

Idea with MotoTrbo display

Idea with Motorola MotoTrbo virtual control head on the touch screen

Idea with SoftRadio on the display

Idea with Mimer SoftRadio on the touch screen showing control of two  radios

Original setup at Stockholm Metro

Original setup at Stockholm Metro

Idea with two panels

Idea sketch of system with two operator panels and connection to GSM-R and analogue radio

Idea with three different radios

Idea sketch of system with three different radio systems

Idea with analogue and Tetra

Idea sketch of system with both Tetra and analogue radio

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