Motorola GM-Series radios

We have made virtual control heads for the advanced radios in the Motorola GM-series.
This means that you can remote control the radio from “anywhere” using the Internet or other IP connection.
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The virtual control head gives you full control of the radio, just as if you were sitting in front of it. All buttons can be accessed from your touch screen, with the mouse or by short cuts on the standard keyboard.

In order to connect to the radio you should take away the standard control head from the radio and install the remote head. (It will not work through the microphone connector on the control head)

All audio and data goes through the front connector.

Through the back connector of the radio only external alarm is connected. Standard is pin 4 programmed for external alarm low output. Mimer will through this know that a selective call has been placed to the radio and activate its sel call function; blinking green name bar and audio alert.

The radio SHALL NOT be wired for “ignition sense” to auto start. The Network Interface will restart the radio if power has been cut and then restored.

The radios that we remote control are known in Europe as GM360, GM380 and GM1280. They have other names in other parts of the world. See table below for numbering in Asia and America.

Older Motorola radios

Other Motorola radios like the GM340 or CM-series radios can be connected through audio and PTT, without a virtual control head. We have ready made interfaces and cable kits for this.

It will give you audio and PTT functionality, but no virtual control head or channel control.

Please see the page with generic interfaces.

Examples of use:

  • Local use when several dispatchers want to share one radio
  • Remote use where a dispatcher at one location want to talk to radio users at a different location
  • CrossPatch between Marine radio channels and other two way radios, like analogue, IDAS, DMR, Tetra or MPT

Please also see our SoftLine solution for GM-series radios on this page!

Supported radio models

Please note that the GM-Series radios and accessories are no longer supplied from Motorola.
Authorized Application Provider for MotoTrbo
GM360 with Network Interface

GM360 radio with interface

Virtual Control Head for GM360

Virtual Control Head GM360

Virtual Control Head for GM380

Virtual Control Head GM380/GM1280

Virtual Control Head CDM1250

Virtual Control Head CDM1250


Also known as:
GM160, GM660, MCX760, CDM1550, GM338, GM339, PRO7100, PRO7200, GM338LS, CDM1550LS+

Use Remote Kit: RLN4802

Motorola GM360


The full keypad 5-tone version

Also known as:
GM398, GM399

Use Remote Kit: RLN4780

Motorola GM380/GM1280


The full MPT1327 version

Also known as:

Use Remote Kit: RLN4780

Motorola GM380/GM1280


Also known as:
PRO1500 in Latin America

Use Remote Kit: RLN4802

Motorola CDM1250


Functionality of the Virtual Control Head for GM380 and GM1280.

Basically everything that can be done from the standard hardware control head.

Virtual Control Head for Motorola GM380

System examples:

The control head on the radio shall be taken off and the remote head with the RJ50 connector installed

The control head on the radio shall be taken off and the remote head with the RJ50 connector installed.

One operator working with one radio

Example with one radio remote controlled from one operator PC.

Three operators working with two radios

Three operators working with two radios. One radio connecting through a repeater to the portables.

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