SoftLine Line Replacement

Replacing a leased line with Mimer SoftLine

Mimer SoftLine gives you the posibility to remote control base stations without using leased lines. 
In earlier days all remotely connected radios required a leased line between radio and operator. Not today!
With Mimer SoftLine you can instead use a LAN or the Internet, reducing costs dramatically, although you keep your old radio and operator equipment.
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Old base station and old operator console

The SoftLine interfaces will provide a full duplex virtual 4-wire line over the IP connection.

This means that you can keep your old operator console and your old base station if they have been connected through a 4-wire leased line and go over to using the Internet instead.

Mimer SoftLine has also some other functions. You can simulate a 2-wire line instead of the 4-wire. You can use I/O´s on the interfaces to get other functions across the connection, or use the I/O´s for PTT if that isn´t incoorporated in the 4-wire audio.

Using SoftLine instead of a 4-Wire line

Connecting an old operator console to an old base station over IP

Connecting an extra radio to an old radio system

The two ends of the system doesn´t need to be of the same type. Like in the example to the right, one end can be a 4-wire connection and the other a standard E&M connection to the microphone/speaker connectors on a radio.

This opens up for a wide range of special use. Only the imagination sets the boundaries.

Connecting a modern radio remotely to a legacy radio system

Connecting an extra radio to an old radio system

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