Motorola SLR5000-Series

The Motorola repeater SLR5000-Series can be remote controlled with SoftRadio and at the same time be used as a normal repeater.
This means that you can remote the radio from “anywhere” in the world using the Internet or other IP as means of connection.
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You will get access to the audio in/out and the PTT on the repeater/base station.

This can only be used in analogue mode, not in MotoTrbo (DMR) mode.

The remote functionality is audio and PTT only. (No virtual control head or other functionality)

If needed the remote function can be set for full duplex so that the SoftRadio operator can listen to incomming radio calls at the same time that he is transmitting.

Suitable Network Interface for simplex setup is 3130 and cable kit 3255. For a duplex setup you need interface 3009/09.

Examples of use:

  • Coastal radio use where som channels needs to be full duplex
  • Local or remote use when several dispatchers want to use a radio channel without connecting through a donor radio
  • Remote use where a dispatcher at one location want to talk to radio users at a different location
  • Remote use where a dispatcher would like to connect to many radios at different sites
  • CrossPatch between analogue radio channels and other two way radios, like marine, IDAS, DMR, Tetra or MPT
Network Interfaces, Standard and LE version

Network Interfaces,
standard and LE version

Cable kit 3255

Cable kit 3255

Supported radio models:


Motorola SLR5000-Series
Authorized Application Provider for MotoTrbo

System examples:

Repeater connected to operator, simplex only.

One repeater controlled local or remote from one operator PC. Simplex mode only with the LE Interface.

Three operators working with four radios.

Three operators working with four remote radios, everything recorded on the VoiceLog.
The radios can work in full duplex and they can be used as repeaters.

Two operators working with different types of radios.

Two operators working with different types of radios.

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