Radios and systems supported by Mimer SoftRadio

By browsing through the menues above you will find information on all of the radios and systems supported with advanced functions by SoftRadio.
Under the Users menu above you will find many system solutions showing how to set up a system for a certain customer type.
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SoftRadio gives a Virtual Control Head

In many cases the PC operator will get a Virtual Control Head for each connected radio. This mimics the radios control head and has as many functions available as the radio allows to remote control. On the web page for each radio type you can read what functions are available.

The operator feels like he is sitting in front of the radio!

On many types the buttons and the display works as on the standard control head. These virtual buttons can be pushed via the mouse, via a touch screen or via the computers keyboard.

It is important to program the radio in a way that either optimises the handling of the radio or program it in exactly the same way as a mobile radio that the operator is familiar with. He will then get the same feeling in front of his PC as if he was sitting in front of the radio in his car.

Many dispatchers can operate and share the same radio at the same time. If so any changes made of one operator will affect all users since they all share the same radio.

SoftRadio supports radio models from many different radio system types. For example Tetra, DMR, Marine, Airband Etc. You can mix all of these systems in the same SoftRadio system. The operator software is the same for all. You can also mix with phones, intercoms etc to make a full function operator position.

Read more about the supported radio models by selecting a radio under
“Supported Radios/Systems” in the menu above, or click the links below.
Virtual Control Head, Icom Marine Radio

Exampel of Virtual Control Head for the Icom marine radio IC-M423.

Mimer SoftRadio with three radios, VoiceLog and phone connection

Mimer SoftRadio with three radios, VoiceLog and phone connection.

SoftRadio also supports most other radios and other audio equipment

Read more about interfaces for generic use under Universal Radio types in the menu above.

Other types of radios, than the ones above, can be connected through microphone, speaker and PTT but without the ability to change channels, make selective calls etc.

Also phones, intercoms, PA´s and other equipment can be connected to the SoftRadio system.

Direct connection to Tetra infrastructure

Tetra systems from Damm can be connected to the SoftRadio dispatcher without having one or more donor radios. The directly connected Damm system can also be combined with any types of radios through standard SoftRadio, so that you can have both the Tetra system and for example marine radios connected to the same operator position. Read more here.

SoftRadio does not connect directly into any other radio system infrastructure than Damm. All other systems are accessed through fixed donor radios.

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