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Kairos Base station / Repeater

Mimer SoftRadio will remote control your Kairos base station in a local LAN and/or over the Internet.

As with all other SoftRadio you can operate several radios from one dispatcher and each radio can be operated from several dispatchers. Each dispatcher can also use other types of radios in a mix.

Mimer SoftRadio


We have two alternative solutions for the Kairos base station, that both gives you remote control of your radio in a local LAN and/or over the Internet. See Alternative 1 and Alternative 2 below.

Alternative 1: Remote control via a Virtual Network Interface

The first solution uses the radios built in remote RTP protocol. In this solution there is no hardware Network Interface installed at the radio. Instead there is a software based Virtual Network Interface installed on a windows server computer or on the operators computer. This Virtual Interface does not need to be placed near the radio but can be placed in any convenient location where there is IP access to the radio and the operator.

Just as with the standard hardware network interfaces, many operators can connect to the same radio and many radios can be used in parallel.

The base station can send some basic alarm messages using SNMP. For example an SWR alarm from the antenna. These can be captchured and displayed in the virtual interface.

In SoftRadio  you will find the following functions:

  • Remote audio and PTT
  • RSSI messure for diversity use
  • Radio alarms
  • Decoded ATIS information
  • Repeater function on/off
  • Channel change (Comming feature)

For DSC & ATIS functions see this page: Marine Calls

Connections are made through the radios IP connection.

Virtual Network Interface: 3281


SoftRadio with several radio types connected.

Setup and user manual is available on the technical download page.

The Virtual Network Interface

The setup page for the Virtual Interface.

Alternative 2: Remote control with a standard Network Interface

Instead of using the Virtual Network Interface above, the universal Network Interface can be used to give remote control of the radios audio and PTT functions. The universal Network Interface is connected directly to the Kairos radio.

For DSC functions see this page: Marine Calls

Network Interface LE

Examples of use:

  • Local use when several dispatchers want to share one radio
  • Remote use where a dispatcher at one location wants to talk to radio users at another location
  • As a marine base radio, also with voting of best receiver
  • Cross patch between analogue radio and other analogue radio or digital two way radio, like DMR or Tetra
  • Cross patch between VHF/UHF or AM/FM

Supported models:

  • Kairos Base station/Repeater
    Radio Activity
    JVC Kenwood
Kairos base

System examples

One operator working with one radio

One operator working with one radio using a physical Network Interface.

One operator working with one radio

One operator working with one radio using a Virtual Network Interface.

Three operators working with with two remote radios using Virtual Network Interfaces.

Three operators working with several base stations. Separate server for audio recording.

Two operators working with three base stations on the same channel, using diversity to get the best audio.

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