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Icom LTE-Radio

With Mimer SoftRadio you can remote control your LTE-Radio over a LAN or over the Internet. SoftRadio will give you remote capability of audio and PTT.

Similar setups can be made for other Icom portable radios with the 2-pin connector on the side. And with the correct cable kits and interfaces also all other types of Icom radios can be controlled.

Mimer SoftRadio


The Network Interface LE gives remote capability of audio and PTT (No virtual control head).

This means that you can connect your LTE-radios together with your analogue or digital standard radios at the same operator PC. The operator can work in parallel with all types of radios and also make cross patches between the systems.

All connections are made from the radios side connector.
Suitable Network Interface is 3130, and cable kit 3196.

Similar solutions can be made both for the WLAN-Radio (IP100H) and for other Icom portable radios with the 2-pin side connector. Please ask!

Examples of use:

  • When several dispatchers wants to share one radio.
  • When one or more dispatchers needs to monitor more than one talkgroup in the IP-Radio system simoultaneusly.
  • When the dispatcher needs to control several types of radios from the same application.
  • CrossPatch between LTE-Radio talkgroups and standard two way radios, like analogue, Marine VHF, Airband VHF, DMR, Tetra or MPT.

A brochure can be found on the download page

Supported radio models:

  • IP501H
  • IP100H
  • Other Icom portables with the 2-pin side connector
Icom IP501H
Network Interface LE

Network Interface LE 3130

Alternative: X-Link

You can also connect your LTE-radio to our X-Link interface. This will build a permanent patch between the LTE-radio and any other radio connected.

Read more here!

System examples:

Two LTE-Radios and one Marine Radio controled by two dispatchers

Two LTE-Radios and one Marine Radio remote controlled from two dispatcher PC´s.

Both dispatchers can monitor both LTE-Radios. The LTE-Radios are typically set to different talkgroups.

Making a cross patch between LTE and DMR through SoftRadio

SoftRadio dispatchers connected both to an LTE radio and to a PMR radio. 

The dispatchers can set up a cross patch between the two systems. So that they work as one large talk group.

Mimer SoftRadio with two IP501H and two other radios

SoftRadio showing two LTE-Radios on different talk groups together with an Airband Radio and a Marine Radio.

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